måndag 9 november 2009

Moloken on tour, day 1

First, this was my first visit outside of Scandinavia with a band (unless you wanna count my service in the Royal Army Drum Corps), so off-course you're supposed to loose something or mess something up on the way. And what was the first thing I noticed when leaving our hometown, Umeå? I forgot mine and Patricks stored breakfast and noodles for the road, plus my sleeping attires for the nights we hadn't been promised beds after gigs. This was nothing to hassle about really, as I can always buy it on the road, but I hate to forget small stuff. It makes me wonder whether I'm really getting senile, 'cause I've been having problems remembering names for years, and in the past I always remembered that kind of stuff and details in complex situations.

Second, if your band are well prepared for the gig, you can damn well assume that the other bands aren't, and sometimes not even the arrangers are. After six-seven hours of driving south we arrived at the venue, Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, only to find that they didn't have a sound technician and that the club owner (supposedly the only one working there that night) hadn't a clue about live engineering. Smart move, ey? "Let's start a club, have a PA, some Amps and a stage, but no technician!" After a short discussion Koffe took upon himself to solve the issue by working as engineer and guitarist/singer at the same time, since the chances of getting in touch with a local technician that night was minimal. Giant kudos for him. The gig went well, and not only the drunkards in the front were enjoying themselves. That night we slept like babies. Except me off-course. My neck and back were stiff and I couldn't sleep for some reason. Oh well...